Are these three myths killing your bank?

There’s a new game of banking, unlike what you’ve been taught.

There’s a small group of banks bringing on A+ quality credits, at extreme premium pricing… That’s what this is all about…

Who Says...

  • You can't get A+ quality credits at premium pricing...
  • That if a bank is getting premium pricing, they're bringing on nightmare loans...
  • That your customers will pay premium pricing if your best competitive advantage is "we have good people and focus on customer service"...

Yes! I want to find out how to add 40-60 Basis Points in 12 months!

Net interest margin
increased from 3.90 to 4.32

We're operating with 1.25% or less past dues. We did this without growing staff. We now target only A+ credits like you taught us.”

G. Majors

President & CEO

The Hardin County Bank

We increased net interest
margin from the 27th to
82nd percentile

“We drew the line in the sand about matching rates —that was huge.We drove our deposit costs down. I don't think we could have come out of those tough couple of years without The Emmerich Group.”

J. Burnett


Libertyville Savings Bank