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Did you hear the one about the guy...

Did you hear the one about the senior lender who goes to his boss and says: “We can do the deal as long as we can match the rate?” It's no joke: this scenario plays out in community banks across the country every … single … day. The truth is that matching rate is just a desperate race to the bottom. Deep down, everyone knows it, but they keep playing the same losing game. HOW to stop playing that game is the real question.

"Our net interest margin is now over 5.0—an increase of over 40 basis points in the past year. We realized our three-year goal for net income in the first year working with The Emmerich Group."

C. Floyd, CEO, First National Bank of Syracuse
First National Bank of Syracuse
#2 on 2016 SNL Top 100 under $1 Billion
2019 Extraordinary Bank of the Year™
2022 Hall of Fame Inductee


JOB #1: Change the Pricing Equation

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"We landed a $10 million loan, the biggest we've ever had. The biggest success was not only getting the loan but that we were able to capture a floating rate in a rising rate environment."

—Nevin Grigsby, President & CEO, Farmers State Bank


“From about 2% loan growth to over 8%… yield on loans is as much as 1.4% higher than that of our local peer group...”

— K. Knudsen | President & CEO Security Bank, Past Chair of the Graduate School of Banking, Colorado; named 2017 Extraordinary Bank of the Year™ by The Institute for Extraordinary Banking™

"In the last year since we’ve been implementing what we learned, we’ve experienced more growth than in the previous five years combined! The growth of deposits and loans can only be described as a miracle and profits are up 44%!”

—P. Steele, President & CEO, First Volunteer Bank; named 2014 Extraordinary Bank of the Year™ by The Institute for Extraordinary Banking™